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This pilot project was launched in October 2005 and explores the multimedia dimensions of the Internet featuring a wide range of projects by media artists. This is our contribution to the million-channel universe, providing a curated guide to new and different forms of media art experiences. It also provides an entry point into our archival site:

ON EDGE was formed in Vancouver in 1985 to produce, present and promote art that was marginalized due to its political, social or artistic form and content. We are primarily interested in the popular forms such as the media arts. We produce live events, exhibitions, visiting artists, performances and workshops. Our focus is cross-cultural work that challenges ideas and attitudes of what constitutes art. We have presented projects in galleries, warehouses, offices, outdoors, hotel lobbies, bonded warehouses, historical houses, parking lots, cabarets, unique community spaces, palazzos, a water bus and on the Internet.

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