Geography Lessons


For EXCHANGE RESOURCES - part of the Belfast International Arts Festival
Europa Hotel, Belfast
Nov. 11 - 25, 1995


"Temple of My Familiar"     by Paul Wong
"Sovereign"             by Philip Napier

      The site chosen for this video installation is the lobby of the Europa Hotel
in Belfast, once the most bombed hotel in Europe, and now residence of most
foreign press. The hotel is described in the advance publicity as a testament
to "the city as an international success after so many years of being knocked
back by the Northern Ireland troubles. The Europa Hotel epitomises this era
and acts as a paradigm both locally and internationally for Belfast. Its
success reflects the continued and consistent efforts of business, the
entertainment and art world to present Belfast as its best with its ability
to reach for and achieve goals against all odds".

      The installation consists of two 21" t.v. monitors with two VHS auto-reverse,
auto-rewind playback decks, with separate headsets to allow for audio
playback. The tapes will be played continuously for 14 hours a day for two

Elspeth Sage (Canada)

These projects are part of an ongoing series of international cultural
exchanges between On Edge (Vancouver), Locus + (Newcastle) and Flax Art

Funding : Arts Council of Northern Ireland; Arts Council of England; B. C.
Cultural Services; B. C. Public Gaming Commission; Canada Council Exhibition
Assistance; Catalyst Arts and Northern Arts. A very special thanks to the
Europa Hotel, Belfast.