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Homelands 1985
20 minute videotape

Joolz and Paul Wong

Co-produced by Western Front and On Edge

This tape was shot while Joolz was on her first visit to Canada in October, 1985. The co-production was conceived by the two artists partly due to their mutual outrage over the race riots taking place in the U.K. under Margaret Thatcher. Joolz’ original text is spoken throughout with visual overlays of newspaper clippings about the riots and television reportage.

from Video Out

Based on words by Joolz, music by Steve Rosin and video by Paul Wong. Written while in Vancouver, this is Joolz' response to witnessing the race riots in Bradford, her home town in England, on television from so far away- distanced and helpless. Homelands is an angry response to corruption of super right power in the era dominated by Thatcherism and Reaganomics. This Video In/ Western Front/On Edge Production uses original and appropriated mass media images to meld poetry and music against apartheid in South Africa.