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Yellow Peril: Reconsidered       Editor: Paul Wong       $12.00 (Cdn.)
Innovative film, video and photographic work by 25 Asian Canadian artists featured in the national touring exhibition Yellow Peril: Reconsidered is highlighted in a 72-page publication, with b/w and colour plates, and 6 specially commissioned essays.
ISBN 0-9694777-0-8 1990 Vancouver, B.C. CANADA

Feng Shui       Editor: Elspeth Sage       $12.00 (Cdn.)
Feng Shui was a site-specific installation and performance at All Saints' Church, Newcastle, U.K. in Sept. 1993 featuring work by 4 Asian Canadian artists presented through the demonstration of feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of achieving harmony.
ISBN 0-9694777-1-6 1994 Vancouver, B.C. CANADA

On Becoming A Man       Editor: Jean Gagnon       $15.00 (Cdn.)
Published by the National Gallery of Canada in conjunction with the solo exhibition by Paul Wong, one of Canada's foremost media artists. On Becoming A Man presented 7 selected video works by Wong made between 1976 - 1995, and 4 multi-media installations: "in ten sity"; "Confused: Sexual Views'; "Chinaman's Peak: Walking The Mountain" and "Mixed Messages".
ISBN 0-88884-644-4 1995 Ottawa, Ont. CANADA


Temple of My Familiar 1995       Director: Paul Wong       $50.00 (Cdn.)
This documentary is about the placement of the Temple of My Familiar, a mural by Canadian artist Nhan Duc Nguyen in war-torn Belfast. This is the first and only time that this monumental 100' x 15' painting has ever been exhibited in its entirety. Temple of My Familiar was exhibited as a 'peace wall' at the Blackstaff Mill in the Catholic area of West Belfast. The placement of the mural coincided with the historic I.R.A. ceasefire in Sept. 1994. A Flax Art/Locus +/On Edge Production (all rights reserved). VHS - 20 minutes

Sovereign 1995       Director: Philip Napier       $50.00 (Cdn.)
This tape was produced in Vancouver as a reciprocal part of the Canada-U.K. Exchange. In this new work, Napier used dental x-rays and bus destinations signs as a metaphor for a city. In this case, he used Vancouver images to compare and contrast with those in Belfast. A Locus +/On Edge/Video In Production (all rights reserved). VHS - 12 minutes

Jazz Slave Ships, Witness, I Burn 1998       Directors: Elspeth Sage & Paul Wong   $50.00 (Cdn.)
Jazz Slave Ships, Witness, I Burn was a site-specific performance collaboration between Vancouver artist Jan Wade and London-based performer Vanessa Richards that involved the creation of an ancestral altar. It took place in two U.K. ports in October 1996: on the West Coast in Whitehaven, Cumbria (the last English slaving port), in an 18th century bonded warehouse used to store liquor and guns used in the slave trade; and on the East Coast in Hull, Yorkshire in Wilberforce House, the birthplace of the anti-slavery pioneer William Wilberforce and now a museum of anti-slavery and its artifacts. The production took place over a 3-week period that commenced Sept. 30, 1996. (all rights reserved) VHS - 15 minutes


Yellow Peril: Reconsidered - 40 slide transparencies & one book       $100 (Cdn.)

Feng Shui - 40 slide transparencies & one book       $100 (Cdn.)

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