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Yellow Peril: Reconsidered (London, UK, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, Ottawa); Self-Winding (London); Feng Shui (Newcastle, Dublin, Belfast, Derry); Auslander Video (Vancouver); Temple of My Familiar (Belfast); Jazz Slave Ships (Whitehaven, Hull, UK); Walas Kwis Gila (Venice); Centrifugal Vision: Video Circle (Hong Kong, Vancouver); Stealing to Subvert (Paris, Wroclaw, Poland); Hungry Ghosts - Fantasmi Affamati (Venice); MIR (Microgravity Interdisciplinary Research (Vancouver); Co-Lab (Halifax, Vancouver); Pioneering Digital Media (Vancouver); I Am Curious Yellow (Paris, Wroclaw, Poland); Picturing the Yukon (Vancouver); Lida Abdul (Vancouver); and Ciao da Vancouver: portraits of a city (Torino).

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